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Wig Cap Construction

Selecting the right cap design for you

Guide to Wig Cap Construction

There are many differences in a wig’s cap construction. They will vary from comfort, weight, and cost. The cap construction descriptions below will give you a better idea when choosing your style wig.

Standard or Traditional Cap: These caps are completely machined sewn design. The caps have a velvet hairline and nape for comfort. They also have a cushion of hair built in at the top for added volume called “Perma Tease”. If you wear your hair off your face you will see a strong band line. Because of their design, this cap will be the heaviest in weight and the most cost-effective.

Open Cap: These caps are much like the Standard or Traditional Cap being completely machine sewn but the whole top area will have open wefting to allow ventilation to your scalp. The caps also have a velvet hairline and nape for comfort but if you wear your hair off your face you will see a strong band line. There will also be the added volume built in called “Perma Tease”. These are lighter weight than the Standard or Traditional cap and the price point is on the cost-effective side also.

Lace Front/Open Cap: Instead of the velvet hairline this is replaced with a welded lace hairline for a natural hairline look. Each hair fiber is hand tied in one by one. This is a great feature for those who want to wear their hair off their face or for that softer natural bang look and feel. This cap design also has the built-in volume called “Perma Tease”. The weight of this cap is good but still can be warm to some. Price is still cost-effective.

Lace Front/Monofilament Part: There is a welded lace hair and part line in this cap. It can be worn off the face or a soft natural bang. It has a natural looking part line but only can be parted in one direction from left to right. This cap is lighter in weight than the Standard/Traditional Cap or the Open Cap. Its price point can be cost-effective.

Double Monofilament: The top of this cap has 2 layers of monofilament for a provided comfort and allows you to have multi-directional parting. The monofilament top will give you that natural scalp look. This is a better choice for those who have finer hair. It will also have a polyurethane strip along the hairline which will provide a “gripping” feature and can be easily be used with adhesives. This cap design will be lighter weight than a machine sewn design but the price usually will be higher due to the design and manual labor it takes to hand tie across the top.

Double Monofilament/Hand Tied: This cap has 2 layers of monofilament for added comfort to the top of the head along with natural movement throughout the rest of the cap. Each strand of hair fiber is individually hand-tied in for natural partings, a soft natural scalp appearance and the most movement throughout the entire cap. There is a polyurethane strip across the front hairline for grip and is great with adhesives. This cap is lightweight and will have a higher price point.

Lace Front/Monofilament: This cap design of the welded lace across the hairline for a natural hairline which is great if you like an off the face bang or a soft bang. The single monofilament is lightweight and the complete top is completely hand tied for a natural parting in any direction. It gives you a soft scalp look and is ideal for those with fine hair. These caps are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The price is going to be higher due to the design.

Lace Front/Monofilament/Hand Tied: With a welded lace front hairline, single monofilament top and base of the cap being 100% hand tied which means each strand of hair fiber is individually tied in for the most natural movement. The cap is soft and has stretch sections to give you comfort. The lace front and single monofilament top will give you that natural hair and scalp line. This cap will be the lightest cap you will find to wear. In our opinion, this is a premium cap! It will also be the most expensive due to how long it takes to be made but it will be money well spent.