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Hair Type: Choosing between Human Hair and Synthetic.

Which one is the right choice for you?


With all the advances in the synthetic hair fiber, you will be amazed at the quality to value of your synthetic hair wig! In some case, people say “that no one is able to tell the difference.” The denier and texture are becoming so much like that of human hair that it almost feels like human hair to the touch. The higher the quality of synthetic hair fiber the most natural look you will see. Unless you have a human hair right next to a high-quality synthetic it will be hard for the eye to tell the difference.

The best aspect of a synthetic hair wig is that you can wear it right out of the box with little to no styling at all. The fiber uses a “memory” for wave, curl, and volume which lets the hair bounce right back into place with little styling. Wigs and toppers made from synthetic fiber will also be the best to hold up to weather which minimizes that “bad hair day” when your natural human hair will droop or frizz.

There are new advances in “Heat Friendly” or “Heat Defiant” (HD) fibers that will allow you to change a look in curl, wave patterns or straight sleek style by the use of a low-temperature curling iron or flat iron. In no instances can you use a blow dryer on these type of wigs they are to be strictly “air dried” after washing and caring for the wig.

Synthetic wigs are also less durable than human hair wigs. With proper care your synthetic will last about 4-6 months sometimes longer and a heat friendly or heat defiant synthetic has a life expectancy due typically to improper use of the HD fiber of 2-3 months but sometimes longer depending on proper care. It is extremely important to follow proper care instructions set forth by both the manufacture and your wig specialist to optimize your life expectancy of your investment.

One major shortcoming of a synthetic wigs and toppers will be HEAT from your oven, grill, dishwasher, microwave oven, warm/hot water faucet, fireplace, fire pits, outdoor patio heaters, and blow dryers.  As a wig specialist, Natural look Salon And Wigs advises NOT to wear your wig or topper in the kitchen as it is easy to forget you have it on when cooking!


Human hair offers the most natural look and feel. Each strand is soft and has the most natural movement giving you the ability to cut and style into your own natural hairstyle. While human hair will be the most like your own hair it will be at a much higher price point as compared to synthetic or heat defiant synthetic. With the proper care the durability of a human hair wig or topper will last you over a year depending on the amount of heat styling you do with it.

There are four types of human hair that are used in wigs. They are Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and European. The majority of human hair wigs come from Asian hair which has a thicker denier (measure of fineness see chart below) which means the hair will be straighter in style. Due to their thicker denier you may find it a little harder to curl and style. Indian hair will most be like European hair in its finer denier with more texture. European human hair is the most sought after for its fine denier but it will be the most expensive in price.

There are two types of human hair processing techniques that will also determine the end price. The first is what’s called “Remy” Human Hair which is a superior option as the hair that is collected has the entire cuticle naturally running in the same direction. This will help in the hair tangling less and looking and feeling softer. These wigs can be colored by a trained professional who understands the boundaries of how much coloring can be applied. Please be advised to consult Natural Look Salon And Wigs and we will be happy to speak with your colorist or stylist.  In addition, we also provide coloring and styling services for each human hair wig or topper we provide to clients or clients of other wig service providers.

The second process is non Remy. This means that the hair is collected and processed in larger batches, coming in from multiple sources. It also means hair being collected and gathered has the cuticle running in opposite directions. This is called an inversion. The wig and topper manufactures will then use chemicals to sanitize and strip away the cuticle (see remy, non-remy and inversion chart). This process is very strong and can affect the integrity of the hair.  It is usually not recommended that these wigs be altered by color in a salon or through personal application as this may result in a different color and cause more damage to the integrity of the hair.

Please be aware that it is extremely important to use the proper care products specifically designed for your human hair wig or topper. This is your investment and you want to keep it looking the most natural.  Also be advised that your human hair wig or topper is not benefitting from your own scalps natural oils as would your own human hair, so it’s important to keep your human hair wig or topper properly hydrated and conditioned for daily use.  

Other than the price being a factor in your decision to purchase a human hair wig or topper, you need to know there will be required maintenance with your natural hair that will require proper care. Human hair on a wig or topper will react to weather just like your own human hair did conditions such as wind; rain or humidity will result in the hair reacting to those conditions similar to your own natural hair.  Human hair wigs or toppers do not come out of the box ready to wear so you may have to seek out a professional salon/wig specialist to help you achieve your desired look.  It will take a little extra effort but if your goal is to have the best natural look and feel then you will be happy with your choice.