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Chemotherapy Hair Loss

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The Emotional Toll of Hair Loss
Many of us don’t realize how important our hairstyle is to us until we receive a cancer diagnosis. It’s hard enough dealing with the diagnosis, and now possible hair loss looms. For some, the anticipation of hair loss is a traumatic experience. In fact, many women say that losing their hair is a greater fear than the cancer itself. Without hair loss, our family, friends, and co-workers might not even realize we have cancer.

Understanding Hair Loss from Chemotherapy
Whether you’ll experience hair loss from your chemotherapy depends on the medication type and dosage. Contact your medical team for guidance on potential side effects. If your chemotherapy will cause hair loss, expect it to begin falling out between day 14 and 21 after your first treatment. Sensitivity, tingling, or itching of the scalp could be signs that hair shedding is imminent. Thankfully, these symptoms usually disappear once the hair has shed or after opting for a complimentary head shave.

Managing and Controlling Hair Loss
Hair loss can be gradual or come out aggressively in clumps. During our private consultation, we can offer solutions like cutting your hair shorter or shaving your head to make the transition less dramatic. It’s crucial to understand that you have control over this process, perhaps the only aspect of control during your cancer journey. Chemotherapy might also cause hair loss on other parts of your body, such as eyebrows, eyelashes, and more.

Support During Hair Regrowth
Every mirror glimpse can be a stressor, reminding you of the illness and treatment challenges. However, your hair loss is temporary. You can anticipate hair regrowth about 6-8 weeks after your last chemotherapy session. It might take longer to regain your pre-diagnosis style. Your returning hair might have a different texture or color due to the slow recovery of pigment-controlling cells. Over time, as your body normalizes, so will your hair.

Our Commitment to Your Journey
While hair loss from chemotherapy is temporary, it occurs in stages. We are here to support you throughout. Whether it’s through short haircuts, complimentary head shaves, wig fittings, head coverings, or toppers for a fuller look during regrowth, remember these choices are in your hands. Please, if you ever have concerns about your hair during chemotherapy, don’t hesitate to call for a private complimentary consultation.