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Complimentary Head Shaving

Be You. Be Beautiful.

Restore Your Natural Look
with Natural Look Salon & Wigs

Being faced with your cancer diagnoses is hard enough, but having to see the side effects of Chemotherapy and/or Radiation can be a hard reality to most.

At Natural Look Salon And Wigs, we will provide you with compassion and a private setting for when you decide it’s time to remove your hair. It is our goal to make you feel comfortable with your decision, while never rushing you through this complimentary service.

In fact, it is our professional opinion that you don’t have to remove your hair completely. We often suggest giving you what we like to call that “little boy’s buzz cut”. Most people find this to be much more comfortable for their head for when they are putting on a wig or head covering. It also eliminates that 5’oclock shadow feel of scratchiness.

By having the “little boy’s buzz”, clients often tell us that there is a sense of security with having these shorter hairs shed naturally without the mess of long strands falling out all over everywhere.

Please know that at Natural Look Salon And Wigs, we will always put your feelings first during this challenging time.