Wig Cutting and Styling


At Natural Look Salon And Wigs, we are not just a wig specialist who can sell you a wig or topper. We are licensed Cosmetologist’s who can provide hair cutting and styling services for your wig. Don’t be fooled by those who are not a licensed professional’s claiming they can cut your wig. Would you let them cut your own natural hair?

Cutting synthetic or human hair wigs and toppers can be different from having your own hair that is on your head. It first has to be determined that your wig is sitting in the proper position to achieve the exact measurement of length you are desiring.

Synthetic fibers at times will need to be professionally steamed to help refresh the style or to defrizz the friction that has built upon the fiber. At Natural Look Salon And Wigs, we offer a complimentary 1st steaming treatment to anyone who has purchased a wig through us.

Please see our menu of services for the fees associated with the services we offer.

Quality, care, and compassion

"Julie is absolutely wonderful! She offers quality products and provides through training on how to wear and care for my wig and most of all she provided me with care and compassion. I'm very pleased and grateful for going to Natural Look Salon And Wigs."

Eva K.