Mid-Progressive Stage of Hair Loss:

The mid/progressive stage of hair loss is typically when hair loss becomes more noticeable and you may start to see more scalp area showing.  Another term for this type of hair loss is female pattern hair loss or baldness.

Areas of the scalp that are typically affected by mid/progressive stages of hair loss are a woman’s hairlines (frontal and part) or crown.  The hair loss in these areas starts to expand or grow with a more noticeable loss of hair follicles often creating a patchy or baldness/thinning area on the head.

Toppers are once again a really good solution for this stage of hair loss as we can typically blend in synthetic or human hair toppers in with your natural hair to create the natural look you’re hoping to achieve.

Please keep in mind that fewer than 45% of women end up going through life with a full head of hair with most having to deal with some type or stage of hair loss, however, this does not mean that your friends, family or co-workers need to be aware of these losses.

We recommend that you call us to schedule your private complimentary consultation where we can discuss the advantages and solutions that toppers can provide to make you feel more comfortable and confident in dealing with your thinning hair loss.

If you prefer to shop online for topper solutions to help with your mid/progressive hair loss then we recommend looking at these product lines from Jon Renau: Easipart XL, Top crown, Essentially you, Top notch, Top level, Top form, Top secret and Top style.

Mid-Progressive Part, Top, Crown
Mid-Progressive Part, Top, Crown
Mid-Progressive Part
Mid-Progressive Part

Restoring Happiness

I can’t tell you how awesome I feel and of course look, I’ve received so many compliments and no one thinks it’s not my own hair. I truly love my new hair and I’m so blessed to have met you, you’re a very special person. This world needs more love and caring and that’s what you’re all about!

Judy H.