Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss; what you need to know

Many of us don’t realize how important our hairstyle is to us until we receive a cancer diagnoses. It’s hard enough having to deal with your diagnose and now you are facing possible hair loss.

For some the anticipation of hair loss can a very traumatic experience and most of us are not entirely prepared for this experience.  In fact, many women say that the loss of her hair is a greater fear than the cancer itself.  Our family, friends and co-workers may not even know we have cancer if it was not for the appearance of hair loss.

Whether you have hair loss from your chemotherapy will depend on the type and dosage of medication you will be receiving. Please contact your doctor or nurse as they will be able to guide you on the side affects you may experience.

If you are receiving chemotherapy that will cause hair loss, expect your hair to begin falling between day 14 and day 21 after your first treatment. You may find your scalp becoming sensitive to the touch, tingling, or itchy this may be a sign the hair follicle is about to shed that hair. If you experience any of these symptoms be aware that once the hair has shed or you have chosen to remove the hair by a complimentary head shave these symptoms usually go away.

Hair loss can come out gradually or be aggressive by coming out in clumps. During our private consultation we can help guide you with solutions such as cutting your hair shorter or shaving your head so the falling out process will be less dramatic.  It is important to understand that you are in control over this process and it may be the only thing you can control during your cancer journey.

Certain chemotherapy medications can also cause other parts of your body to have hair loss too like; your nose hairs, eyebrows, eyelashes, facial hair, armpits, arms and legs along with your private area.

At any time during this process of losing your hair you can call and make an appointment to receive a complimentary head shave. This is for you to decide when you’re ready to remove your remaining hair.

Each time that you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror it can be stressful as it’s a reminder of your illness and everything you are experiencing as you go through treatments. Please remember that your hair loss is temporary and that you can expect to see your hair growing back in about 6-8 weeks after your last chemotherapy treatment but it may take at least a year or more before you have your desired style that you had before diagnoses and treatment.

When your hair comes back it may have a different texture (like curl) and color. This can happen as the cells that control pigment and color are slow to start functioning again. Give it some time and as your body starts to normalize so will your hair. Just think of a new baby as they are getting their 1st hair it can be curly and fine in texture but in time their hair changes too.

While your hair loss from chemotherapy will be temporary, it will also be in stages from beginning loss to progressive and sometimes advanced loss.  Keep in mind that we are here to support and help you during these stages.  Solutions such as short haircuts, complimentary head shaving, wig fittings, head coverings and toppers to provide you with a fuller look as your hair starts to grow back are all things that are in your control.

Please be advised that if you have any questions or concerns with your hair during chemotherapy you can always call for a private complimentary consultation.

Personal assistance

"Julie, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for taking your own personal time to assist me with my wig. It's so hard to be feeling well but not looking how I feel. God works in mysterious ways as he put you in my path! You are truly a great selfless, caring person. I'm happy to have the pleasure of meeting you."

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