Beginning hair loss can occur when the scalp no longer replaces the shedding hair or when the hair follicles go dormant, such as with cases of Alopecia Areata.

Thinning hair near the hairlines (frontal area), part lines and crown area of the head are usually the first signs or stages of beginning hair loss or thinning.  While these losses can be minimal they can have a negative effect on a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

For years women really had no recourse to combat the thinning or beginning stages of hair loss, however, today most wig manufacturers have realized that they needed to provide solutions for these beginning stages and that the solution did not have to be a full wig system.

The solution for thinning and beginning stages of hair loss is now toppers or hairpieces specifically designed for women.  The toppers are designed to blend in with your natural hair covering up or bringing fullness to the thinning areas of your head while matching to your existing hair color and length.

We recommend that you schedule your private complimentary consultation with us to allow our cosmetologist the opportunity to introduce you to the fun world of toppers.

When shopping online for toppers best suited to support your beginning stages of hair loss, please check out the following line of toppers from Jon Renau: Easipart, Easipart XL, Top crown, Especially you, Top notch, Top level and Top form.   

Approximately 1 in 42 million women in the USA will suffer from some form of hair loss each year.  People normally have around 100,000 hairs in their scalp and most people will naturally shed around 100 hairs per day with regrowth occurring at a normal rate.

Beginning Stage of Hairloss

Personal assistance

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