About Us

Julie McCormick

As the owner of Natural Look Salon And Wigs, my primary goal is to help you restore your beauty when you most deserve to feel beautiful about your appearance while providing emotional support during a private consultation setting. The services we provide are very different from the average “wig shop” or online wig retailer experience.

I received my clinical training from The Image Recovery Center at Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center in Maryland, where I learned to tailor my cosmetology skills to a clinical setting providing hair, skin, and nail services to help minimize the risk of infection for people going through cancer treatments.  I have also taken continuing education classes with major wig manufactures such as Jon Renau and Raquel Welch, becoming Core I and Core II certified in making sure you have a custom fit when choosing a wig from me.

Before performing any service on a patient, I’ll spend the time educating them on changes that can be expected from hair loss along with potential variations in their skin and nails.  All patients who come into see me will receive a complimentary head shave as well as a congratulatory hair cut when their hair starts to grow back.  I feel it’s very important to be well educated when a patient books their private consultation.

Hair loss through chemotherapy and radiation treatments can be a traumatic experience, however throughout the years; I have worked with hundreds of cancer patients through varying types of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Your health and appearance is a top priority to me.  I’m very passionate about working closely with patients during this difficult and emotional time in their life.

For anyone who is interested in a wig, I will help you during this difficult time selecting your wig, custom fitting it to the contour of your head, giving you the most Natural Look.

The extra mile

"Julie is a true professional, which is evident in the sincere caring and concern she has for her clients. She goes that extra mile when choosing hair color and style to match her client's personality.

For years, I suffered with thinning hair.  Then, what little hair I had left, turned gray, and it looked even worse.  Adding to that, I developed skin cancer right on my hairline.  What was once a widow’s peak, was now a half-dollar size surgical incision.  I took charge and made the decision to try a wig…one of the best personal decisions I ever made. 

I have fun with my wigs; I’m always willing try new styles and colors.  I get lots of compliments on my “hair” and how young I look for my age.  I’m 70 and have earned every wrinkle.  Like I said, I have fun and I’m not ashamed to admit to those that compliment me, “It’s a wig.”  I wish I’d have made the switch a long time ago! 

Although Julie’s salon carries a wide selection of wigs and hairpieces, she enthusiastically works with you, and will order something new and exciting, if you’d like more options.  I can’t thank her enough for helping me through all my challenges.  Thanks, Julie!!!"

Chris F.