Color Shown — Pecan Mist


$119.00 $140.00
Wear it full and touseled one day and smooth it out the next for a completely different look! This layered bob is available in two sizes.

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Wig Color Shown: Pecan Mist

$119.00 $140.00
SKU: gabor-commitment


Honey Mist

A Medium Golden Blonde with a blend of Golden Blonde highlighted on top.

Wheat Mist

A Medium Beige Blonde with a blend of Pale Golden Blonde highlights throughout the top.

Buttered Toast Mist

A Dark Golden Blonde with Lighter Golden Blonde highlights blended on top.

Prailine Mist

A Light Golden Brown with Paler Blonde highlights blend throughout the top.


Chestnut Mist

A Medium Brown with a blend of Dark Ash Blonde highlights on top

Pecan Mist

A Light Ash Brown with a Dark Ash Blonde highlight blend on top.

Coffee Mist

A rich Medium Brown

Mocha Mist

A Light Brown with more subtle highlights blended throughout the top.

Cappucino Mist

A Dark Blonde with a soft Golden Blonde blended highlights on top.

Dark Chocolate Mist

A deep Chocolate Brown

Nutmeg Mist

A Medium to Dark Brown with blended Medium Brown highlights

Almond Mist

A Honey Blonde with a blend of Lighter Blonde highlights on top.


Burnished Snow

A blend of Light Gray and almost Pure White.

Sugared Pecan

A blend of Brown and 75% Gray.

Platinum Mist

A blend of Creamy Platinum Blonde with an almost White.

Sugared Silver

A Light Gray with blends of Silvery Gray throughout the top.

Sugared Smoke

A Light Brown blend with 75% Gray.

Sugared Charcoal

A Darkest Brown blended with 50% Silver Gray for a salt and pepper look.

Sugared Walnut

A Light Ash Brown blended with Light Silvery Gray highighlights.


Cayennne Mist

A Dark Strawberry Reddish Blonde with Golden Blonde highlights blended throughout the top.

Ginger Mist

A Light Auburn with a blend of Strawberry highlights blended throughout the top.

Paprika Mist

A Medium Auburn Red with Coppery highlights blended throughout the top.

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