Color Shown — Auburn


$139.40 $164.00
Gently flipped, textured layers make a dramtic statement! Easy as a "Breeze."

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Wig Color Shown: Auburn

$139.40 $164.00
SKU: raquel-welch-breeze


Golden Wheat

A blend of light blonde and light natural blonde.

Sandy Blonde

A true sandy blonde with soft blends of light and warm blondes.

Swedish Blonde

An ultra pale light blonde.

Ginger Blonde

A blend of light blonde and a golden blonde.

Light Golden Blonde

A medium golden blonde.

Honey Blonde

A medium to light golden blonde. A true sunny blonde!



A medium brown with a lighter brown blend.

Copper Mahogany

A medium brown with warm reddish auburn blend.


Ginger Brown

A medium warm gingery brown.

Dark Chocolate

A dark chocolate brown, a very rich color.

Midnight Brown

A darkest natural brown.

Dark Cinnamon

A medium warm natural brown.

Pecan Brown

A warm light golden brown with sublte color variations.


A true deep black/brown.


Gradient Smoke

A blend of 75% Silvery Gray with a deeper Brown.


Honey Pecan

A highlighted blend of soft Light Brown and Dark Warm Blonde.

Buttered Walnut

A highlighted blend of Dark Ash Blonde and a Medium to Light Ash Blonde.

Chocolate Copper

A beautifully highlighted blend of dark Chocolate with a soft Medium Caramel Brown.

Golden Walnut

A highlighted blend of light Brown with a Ashy Dark Blonde.

Honey Ginger

A soft blend of a Honey Blonde and Caramel Blonde.


Dark Auburn

A medium to dark Auburn Red.

Glazed Fire

A gorgeous firey Red with subtle hints of a Dark Strawberry Blonde. Very vibrate color.


A true light to medium Auburn Red…Stunning color!

Shadow Shades

SS Golden Wheat

A deep rooted Brown with a highlighted blend of Sandy and Light Blondes.

SS Chestnut

A slightly deeper rooted Medium Brown with a soft blend of Natural Brown highlighted Light and Medium mix.

SS Hazelnut

A darker rooted Warm Brown with of Light Caramel Brown and Dark Golden Blonde highlights. A Gorgegous Warm Brown!

SS Dark Copper

A Dark Brown rooted base with vibrate Coppery Reds highlighted throughout. A very rich shade!

SS Honey Ginger

A rooted Light Brown with a highlighted blend of Dark Golden Blonde and a Caramel Dark Blonde.

SS Golden Walnut

A darker rooted Brown with softly blended Medium Brown and Medium Ash highlights.

SS Nutmeg

A darker rooted Brown with a blended highlights of Medium Caramel Brown and Dark Golden Blonde.

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