Color Shown — Swedish Blonde


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A versatile bang addition that enhances the latest fringe hair trend without the commitment of cutting your own hair

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Wig Color Shown: Swedish Blonde

$126.65 $146.00
SKU: raquel-welch-chameleon


Sandy Blonde

A true sandy blonde with soft blends of light and warm blondes.

Buttered Toast

A dark caramel/golden blonde with a blend of light brown.

Ginger Blonde

A blend of light blonde and a golden blonde.

Golden Wheat

A blend of light blonde and light natural blonde.

Honey Blonde

A medium to light golden blonde. A true sunny blonde!

Pearl Platinum

A very light platinum blonde with just a slight contrast of light blonde blend. This color can also be considered in the gray family for those blondes who are graying.

Swedish Blonde

An ultra pale light blonde.


Copper Mahogany

A medium brown with warm reddish auburn blend.


A medium brown with a lighter brown blend.



A true deep black/brown.

Midnight Brown

A darkest natural brown.

Dark Chocolate

A dark chocolate brown, a very rich color.

Ginger Brown

A medium warm gingery brown.

Dark Cinnamon

A medium warm natural brown.

Pecan Brown

A warm light golden brown with sublte color variations.


White Mist

A true White.

Silver Mist

A blend of Silvery Gray and a Pure White.


A blend of Silvery Gray and a Light Gray.

Steel Gray

A blend of Darkest Brown and 50% Gray. A true Salt and Pepper look.

Smoked Walnut

A blend of Medium to Light Brown and 50% Gray.


Golden Walnut

A highlighted blend of light Brown with a Ashy Dark Blonde.

Honey Pecan

A highlighted blend of soft Light Brown and Dark Warm Blonde.

Chocolate Copper

A beautifully highlighted blend of dark Chocolate with a soft Medium Caramel Brown.

Honey Ginger

A soft blend of a Honey Blonde and Caramel Blonde.



A true light to medium Auburn Red…Stunning color!

Dark Auburn

A medium to dark Auburn Red.

Glazed Fire

A gorgeous firey Red with subtle hints of a Dark Strawberry Blonde. Very vibrate color.

Shadow Shades

SS Cappucino

A rooted Light Brown with a highlighted blend of Light Natural Brown and a soft Ashy Blonde.

SS Golden Wheat

A deep rooted Brown with a highlighted blend of Sandy and Light Blondes.

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